Info & Process

12 for 12 Designs is dedicated to providing a unique service where original artwork is specifically created incorporating details that will allow your family to enjoy each piece. Here are 12 things you should know about a 12 for 12 Design

1) Each piece is original and unique. Your child will own a “one-of-a-kind” hand drawn illustration.
2) Each piece is created on Bristol posterboard which keeps the colors rich and vibrant. The size of the page depends on your selection.
3) We incorporate famous characters, icons from film & television throughout the decades, historical and literary references, as well as original characters from all walks of life!
4) We ask you for some input, so that we can include family favorites, birthday references, family crests, parental favorites and other great touches that makes this tailor made for your child.
5) We try to include a good amount of hidden nods and “easter eggs” that let you and your child discover something new each time you take a look!
6) No cookie cutter here- on each piece, we start from scratch…so there is a good bit of artistic leeway- but that’s what makes each piece so special!
7) 12 for 12 Designs started with the nieces and nephews of our artist and then blossomed from there when requests kept rolling in! (So keep it going)
8) Before we start your commissioned piece, we ask you a series of questions to give us a better idea of what to include, how it might fit into the decor of your child’s room and what we can do to dazzle our new customer!
9) Yes…it is a little pricey, but the amount of work and detail make it well worth it, and it becomes a piece that lasts beyond childhood. Costs range depending on your budget and the size of the piece… Totally worth it though!
10) Our job is to overwhelm you…in a good way.
11) These pieces become great education tools for younger children as you work on colors, numbers, professions, animals and other subjects as you can work to hone your child’s developmental skills.
12) Our main goal is to create something special that will become a treasured keepsake and lets each child know how special they are.